Friday, April 2, 2010

Hippity Hop...

Happy beautiful, warm, sunny Friday to all! I hope you're having a wonderful day (even though, if you're like me, you're enjoying the sunshine from the comfort of your kitchen where pots are boiling, cakes are rising, and timers are buzzing). Short post today, my list for the day is super long! Please enjoy my latest Easter items that I got done just in time and don't forget to hop on over to Punkin Seed Productions for the weekly 'Plant a Punkin Seed Party'!

I'm so excited with how this came out! I found an old chenille bedspread at GoodWill a few weeks ago and for some reason knew that part of it needed to become a rabbit. From that, Beauregard Bunny was born! I tea stained the chenille, sketches some rabbit parts, and sewed and stuffed. I just love him! All the way down to his little cotton tail....

The eggs are plastic eggs covered in left over fabric strips and the carrots are styrofoam cones done the same way.

This bunny look familiar? I had 1 left over from my felted Easter garland and decided to give him a spring flower home on a quick little emboidered sampler. Nothing like a nice 'hippity hop' through the wild flowers.


  1. Cute bunny. I want to start making softies like this...thanks for the inspiration!

  2. He is so CUTE! Love the eggs and carrots as well.

  3. Girlfriend, we'd be in trouble if we lived next door to each other!!! I have a feeling we'd be up craftin til midnight!!!! LOL! Love, love, love both of these projects. Thanks for planting your creative seed at Punkin Seed Productions! Let's talk about doing a blog swap some time!

    Punkin Seed Productions

  4. Cute cute! Thanks for linking up!
    Stop by to join my current giveaway.

  5. This is adorable! You did an amazing job! The chenille is too cute! Thanks again for the sunshine award - I finally got around to adding it to my blog! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

  6. Sorry I slacked so long...but I finally posted the award you sent my way!


  7. Good idea tea dying the bunny...made him look vintage! And that tail...TOO CUTE! Thanks for linking up to Anything Related!

  8. You are so creative and clever! I adore your chenille rabbit and your mantel is stunning.

    Thank you for sharing.
    - Deborah