Friday, January 22, 2010

Awesome GoodWill Day!

My GoodWill run today was spectacular! There is nothing better than walking in hoping you'll find one special treasure and walking out with 2 ENORMOUS bags FULL of goodies! I decided to take my usualy bi-weekly trip into the GoodWill to stock up on wool sweaters becuase once the thermometer goes above 30, the shorts are out and then it's goodbye wool, so I have to stock up now. So, in I go and SWEATERS GALORE! Yellow, green, pink, blue, stripes, and yummy cashmere (cashmere for 3 dollars, you almost hate to use it for crafts). But wait, it gets better! Not only was I in sweater heaven but the shelves were STOCKED with cute little treasures to the point that I almost ran out of room in my cart! And the best part? After ringing everything up, 10 sweaters, 2 woven jackets (for a neat garland meant for the banister), 2 crocks, 3 fabric lollipops, a brand new lampshade, an awesome wooden basket (which will be even better after a make-over), a neat silver platter, and a country picture with frame came to the grand total of ........ $50.45. Fabulous!